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Some of our core services

Clipping Path and Photo Cut Out Service

Our clipping paths are hand-drawn in Photoshop. This provides exact and detailed background removal and is the only choice for professional photo editing.
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Image Masking

When clipping paths aren't appropriate (for example, for objects with blurred edges or hair), then image masking techniques are the only solution. For the best degree of detail, let our experts take the uncertainty out of the process, and put their skills to work for you.
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Photo Re-Touching

Our airbrushing and cloning techniques clean up your images, removing imperfections from any photo—including photos of human models. Remove spots and smooth wrinkles to make your photo truly flawless.
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Image Manipulation

Sometimes you're unable to capture all the elements of your perfect photo in a single shot. Those elements might be distributed among two images, three images, or even more. Our image manipulation techniques combine the elements you choose from multiple shots into a single image.
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Drop Shadows

Our drop shadow techniques make your superimposed images seem a natural part of their new environments. Our experts use detailed shading effects to ensure a smooth transition between the background and superimposed image and to give your image realistic depth.
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Image Enhancement

Change your older, low resolution photos into high definition images. We can enhance color and contrast and apply various filters for truly breathtaking images.
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Reflection Shadow/Mirror Effect

Convert your image files from any format to vector images to prevent image degradation and to make editing a snap. Increase the resolution and quality of logos or trademarks to make your brand distinctive and eye-catching.
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Website Image Optimization

Let us optimize your web content. We'll convert your images to the best format for your site, cropping and re-sizing them as necessary. This is a great way to streamline and prepare for a new influx of customers.
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Multiple cliping path

As with all our clipping paths, our professionals draw them by hand. Our quality control process then makes sure that they are prefect. Add this powerful tool to your toolkit and take your graphics to the next level.
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